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CA-CAN-NIK-SLR Camera to Microscope Adapter Guide (Visual Instructions)

It was infuriating when I got my CA-CAN-NIK-SLR camera to microscope adapter, only to find I couldn’t attach it to my microscope. It arrived with no instructions and the expectation that I knew exactly what to do. And I went to Google to find instructions, as well as the Amscope website, and no information was available. So I decided to make this little instruction guide.

Swift SW380B Compound Microscope – My Initial Thoughts

The Swift SW380B is one of Swift’s best compound microscopes. Its high magnification levels and quality lenses make it a great candidate for clinicians and college science students. Personally I think the 2500X magnification is a little over the top (you only need about 400X for most experiments you’ll come across). It will allow you to see cells and dyed specimens in good detail.

Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS Microscope [Full Review]

The Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS is a microscope designed and marketed for children and teenagers but provides sufficient quality magnification for viewing bacteria and other opaque specimen. I bought this microscope because it was in my opinion the best for kids.

Celestron CM2000CF Compound Microscope Review

The Celestron CM2000CF is Celestron’s mid-range compound microscope. It’s the most affordable option you’ll get from Celestron that also comes with advanced features like: a mechanical stage, 4 achromatic objectives, and 2000X magnification.