Microscopy Facts

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The Siedentopf head on a microscope enables you to easily adjust the distance between the eyepieces (called the interpupillary distance) Read more
  The head of a microscope is the top section of the microscopes. It holds the ocular tubes and eyepieces Read more
The mechanical stage on a microscope moves in three dimensions. First, it moves up and down on the vertical axis Read more
Microscope objective lenses can be classified in several ways, including: By magnification By microscopy technique By lens shape By aberration Read more
On a microscope, there are usually 3 – 4 objective lenses. These lenses sit on a rotating turret just above Read more
Microphotography is the art of creating photographs that are not visible to the naked eye. You often need a microscope Read more
Definition The microscope condenser lens on a compound microscope gives you control over how the substage lighting is projected onto Read more
No, Galileo did not invent the microscope. He was one of the first Italians who worked with microscopes and created Read more
A compound microscope is the most common microscope you can get and the type you’ll typically see in a lab Read more
It’s a common misconception that van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope, but microscopes were around for about 40 years before van Read more
Microscopes gradually evolved from eyeglasses and optical lenses that have been in use since about the 13th Century. But the Read more
There is debate over who invented the microscope. But we know that the first compound microscope was developed in a Read more