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Microscope Project Ideas

The coolest thing to find under a microscope is a microscopic bug swimming around! And for new microscopists, that's often Read more
Crystals are solid substances found in nature that form a highly ordered molecular structure. We marvel at them because of Read more
Prepared slides are the easiest way to get a taste of the world of microscopy. You can skip all the Read more

‘How To’ Guides

This is a simple setup guide for the Amscope T490B from an owner and user. It's not an official Amscope Read more
There are two key reasons you need to follow a clear procedure when using a microscope: So you Succeed in Read more
It was infuriating when I got my CA-CAN-NIK-SLR camera to microscope adapter, only to find I couldn’t attach it to Read more

What’s the Best Microscope of 2021?

Microscope Reviews

The Levenhuk Rainbow 50L PLUS is a microscope designed and marketed for children and teenagers but provides sufficient quality magnification Read more
This is a high quality trinocular microscope with an excellent range of features. The big question is whether you want Read more
Overall, I think most people would be most satisfied with the AmScope T490B if you can afford it. It’s a Read more

Microscopy Facts

Oak Bark was the first cell to be viewed under a light microscope. It was first observed in the 1660s Read more
The Siedentopf head on a microscope enables you to easily adjust the distance between the eyepieces (called the interpupillary distance) Read more
  The head of a microscope is the top section of the microscopes. It holds the ocular tubes and eyepieces Read more
The mechanical stage on a microscope moves in three dimensions. First, it moves up and down on the vertical axis Read more
Microscope objective lenses can be classified in several ways, including: By magnificationBy microscopy techniqueBy lens shapeBy aberration correction But most Read more
On a microscope, there are usually 3 – 4 objective lenses. These lenses sit on a rotating turret just above Read more

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris! I’m both a teacher and amateur microscopist. I am the founder of the site and write all the articles you’ll find here.

On this site you’ll find how to guides, project ideas, microscopy facts and product reviews.

This photo is of me with my Amscope T490B, which is my daily workhorse microscope.

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